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Bandcamp Friday 02/04/2021

A double bundle of goodness this Friday with Bank holiday and Bandcamp Friday coming for us. Roo's back on the round up this month with a curation of recent releases which have caught her eye (and ear).

Munir & Native Cruise Cassette - Munir & Native Cruise [Axe on Wax]

Back when we interviewed Native Cruise for his Behind The Groove he let us know about a forthcoming collab with Midnight Runner's Munir and finally it's here! Crafting a retro futurist soundscape through Italo disco flavours, balearic relaxation & downtempo wormholes, every track on both sides of the cassette is truly wonderful.

Outlines - V​.​A. [ANMA & Cognitiva Records]

Cognitiva and ANMA Records collab to create a LP showcasing the best in new jazz from around the world. This isn't straight jazz, this is jazz manipulated innovatively through house, broken beat and electronica and see's the likes of Contours, 30/70's Allysha Joy and Footshooter joining the lineup.

The Mainly Incompetent 5 - Poison Zcora [Tiffs Joints]

Label boss of Tiff's joints steps up to the Tiff's Joints with a collection of tracks that would sit comfortably in any video game soundscape. Join Poison Zcora on his journey as he defeats his 'archenemies' and levels up to take on the ultimate boss.

DJ FFFTP - Rock Da House (5am Version) [ABUNDANCE VOL​.​1 by Infinite Pleasure]

A huge compilation from Infinite pleasure exploring a diverse range of cosmic flavours & upbeat dancefloor numbers. Featuring DJ Pigeon, Kofi The Unknown, DJ FFFP & more. I've chosen Rock Da House which sounds a piece of Italian dream house taken straight from the early 90s.

A Landscape Onomatopeya LP - Felipe Gordon [Shall Not Fade]

We had the pleasure of chatting to Felipe about his long overdue debut album that lands today on Shall Not Fade, alongside gaining a deeper insight into how he created the incredible track 'The Colombian Excursions of House Music' which is wayyy to good to miss out of today's roundup. The track combines Colombian and North American influences to create a track that is human, that is organic and most importantly has soul.

Alex Attias / Peven Everett - Love Dimension [Visions Recordings]

A rough diamond, with a beautiful soulful groove created by label head Alex Attias and the insane vocals of the legend that is Mr Peven Everett.

Cardboard Warriors - Jay Sound [Salon]

Two tasty jams which are dripping in synth funk and balearic influences from Detroit born Jay Sound.

Gamma! - Rudolf C [Craigie Knowes]

Salt Mines label head Rudolf C throwing us deep into dark crevices of the dancefloor with his debut EP on the Scottish label.

Mineral Cuts 01 - Deep System, Morose [Mineral Cuts]

The sublabel of Kalahari Oyster Cult launches with 'Mineral Cuts 01', a repress of Morose's 'Holy Ghost', originally released in 96 on Humboldt Country Records, and Deep System's 'Radarscope' from 93 on Evolution Record. Currently a pre-order you can cop Morose's concoction of early rave sounds and deep tech now. However, you will have to get your hands on the vinyl to enjoy Deep System's 'Radarscope'.

Sunrise - Kishan [Daytimers]

Kishan kicks off the monthly track series for Daytimers, a collective aimed at showcasing and celebrating South Asian artistry. This is a divine creation with delicate piano chords, interweaved with calls of the bansuri and crispy breakbeat patterns.

Sinking - Ell Murphy x Daffy [Jucey Tunes]

A gorgeous track combining the garage beats of Daffy with those really raw and soulful vocals of Ell Murphy. Having landed on the likes of Shall Not Fade & collaborated with Medlar for their Nitework project Ell is really one to watch.

Allure EP - Amy Dabbs [Lobster Theremin]

Another pre-order, this time from the Berlin based producer Amy Dabbs, however you can buy the title track 'Allure' now which sets the precedent for what is sure to be a massive EP. Moving away from the more house-r sides which we saw on Amy's 'Girl Like Me' EP this still has that staple of delicious soulful and deep chords which underpin the dnb rhythms of the track.


That's it for today's Bandcamp roundup, buy where you can & keep on supporting. We will catch you again next month.


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